Brand Audits and Workshops

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

You have a swanky office full of smart people but nobody’s holding the torch or knows from which way the north star shines.

There’s great value in getting an outsider’s point of view into your marketing challenges. What should we do is the hardest question to answer. It might be worth paying someone to come in with wide eyes and a fresh take on your business.

What are you doing right? Where is the room for improvement? What next?

I provide brand audits to survey your current marketing landscape and brand workshops to kickstart a new brand identity, rebrand or marketing next steps.

Brand Positioning and Mission Statements

What do you stand for?

When people ask you where you work, is it hard to explain? Do you find yourself fumbling your words or taxing your brain trying to define what your brand is or explain what it does? It would be easier if you had an elevator pitch in your back pocket.

I help brands define what they do in the simplest, most inspiring terms. It’s not about what you hold in your hand, it’s what you hold in your heart that motivates people to support your cause, buy your product or order your services. A brand positioning can bring out that heart. A mission statement can bring people on board.

I craft brand positioning and mission statements for those who need a more clearly defined jumping off point for all brand communications to come. Including those quick conversations in the elevator.

Brand Taglines

Let’s create your Just Do It

One of my favorite things to write for a brand is their overarching tagline. It’s that short, pithy phrase that’s so clever and so inspiring that you want it coupled with your logo wherever possible.

My personal test for whether I’ve nailed the tagline or not is the answer to the question, “Would you wear it on a t-shirt?” If you are prepared to wear it loud and proud and your significant other keeps stealing it…that’s a good tagline.

Creative Strategy

Every piece of marketing communication should be anchored in a unique positioning statement that’s defined in the creative brief. A creative brief is a 1-2 page document that includes your marketing objective, a summary of your marketing challenges, a breakdown of your target audiences, consumer insights about those audiences, a unique positioning statement that will guide all messaging, calls to action and any mandatories for the creative.

Data surveys and research reports often precede this stage, which help to inform the insights and positioning portions of the brief.

Creative Ideation and Campaign Development

What’s the big idea?

If I had to name one thing I’m best at, it’s this. Turning a creative strategy into consumer-facing campaigns that compel people to pay attention and fall in love with your brand is kind of my thing. Not every brand has the budget for multi-media advertising and marketing campaigns, but I will search for the big campaign idea in any project, nonetheless. It’s the way I’ve been trained to think and I wouldn’t know how to unlearn it. Because I’ve crafted so many multi-media campaigns, I’m pretty hard core about consistency of messaging across multiple touch points. If your web presence doesn’t match your social media look and feel and the voice of each touchpoint sounds like two different people talking, we’re gonna have to fix that.

Web Content and UX

Why isn’t it just called “writing” anymore?

As a writer who’s been a writer of all types for so many years, I struggle with all the labels we put on a well-written piece of anything. But I’ll play along with the jargon.

One of my strengths is being able to read the room and that room is almost always your digital experience with content. I’m able to match brand voice to specific tones, as well as decipher the right type of content for various digital experiences. Writing is writing, sure. But it takes an experienced wordsmith to write well at any length for any device.

Social Media Creative and Management

Sometimes you just need someone to handle content creation and management of your social media channels. I do that, too. I have experience managing social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, leveraging organic posts and creating ads in Ads Manager for IG and FB and social media cards in Twitter. I’ve been trusted with some high-profile accounts in the past, such as Mystic Quarry Campground, Laffy Taffy Candy and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Creative Direction

At this point in my career, I’ve developed the confidence and the experience to lead younger creative teams to do their best work. I have a collaborative leadership style that’s hands off enough to inspire the utmost creativity, but guiding enough to teach a few skills along the way. I focus on positive feedback first, followed by suggestions for improvement.

I’ve been an art director’s sidekick for most of my career. My job as their partner was always to provide feedback on design and give it that gentle push into better and best. I’ve been told I’m a visual writer. If that’s true, I owe that to the talented art directors I’ve been lucky enough to call partners.

Creative Production

I’ve probably written a thousand scripts for radio, TV and video. Writers typically get to oversee the production of this kind of work. I’ve worked with some great agency producers, casting agents, production companies, cinematographers, directors, motion graphic artists and editors. I have a list in my head of those I’d work with again in a second.

If you’re looking for an adept story teller who can expertly bring the page to life supervising a high quality production, I can do that, too. In fact, it’s one of my favorite parts of the job.

Female Leadership

I’ve been hired so many times because a client said they wanted more women on their team. Because they were smart clients. More and more studies have shown that gender diversity at the management level enhances a company’s performance. According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics’ study, a company that increased its female leadership to 30% also increased profitability by 15%.

If there are too many men on your team, you need more women in the room. I’m willing and able to help you balance out your team for important meetings, new business pitches, advisory boards and the like. Who knows, if it works out, I might want to stay and help you increase those profits.